The Midlands Funkiest Photo Booth
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Everyone knows that photos are a must at school proms. You’ll almost certainly be hiring a professional photographer to take the formals but not everyone likes to have a formal picture taken: some folks just want to have fun! That’s where a booth fits in! Your guests can visit the booth as much as they like, getting their photos taken with all of their friends, without them having to pay a penny!

Everything’s included in the price.

Unlike some booth operators, we believe in setting a fair price for our services without adding in those little ‘extras’ to bump up the fee. For instance, our price includes a prop-box, stuffed full of silly hats and large glasses.  The price includes all of the prints, we’ll put all of the pictures onto Facebook (but only if you want us to) and we will even create a custom gallery on our website where people can download complimentary digital versions of their photos.


We use only the latest in dye-sublimation printers because quality is king! The printers in our booth can print a completely dry, water-resistant, high-gloss 6×4″ print in under 10 seconds. When you book our photo booth, you’ll have the option of choosing what style of print you’d like. Should it be a single photo, or a block of four different shots? The choice is yours! We can even create a custom border for you, including the school’s emblem, or pretty much anything else you’d like.