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About our photo booth

Photo booth hire in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, LeicestershireNot all photo booths are created equal! A great number of booth operators use very flimsy booths: little more than cloth supported with plastic pipes! We don’t! We use good, solid engineering! Our booth consists of two parts; the kiosk and the cubicle.

Our kiosk started life as an arcade machine. It originally took photos and produced very nasty little key rings. Since we bought it, we’ve replaced all of the innards and refurbished it completely. Gone are the nasty, etched key rings and the terrible web cam. In their place we have put a pro-spec digital SLR camera and a high-quality dye sublimation printer. The kiosk itself is a real brute! It is made of steel and is fully lockable. It is rather like a safe on wheels!

The photo booth cubicle is designed to match the kiosk, but is far larger than the original one that came with the arcade machine. This one is approximately 2m x 2m and is made from extruded aluminium. The walls are also aluminium too – none of that flimsy vinyl here! This is a very solid, almost industrial, photo booth.

Your guests will have no problem at all in using the booth – it is controlled by very large, very friendly buttons: you can’t go wrong!

Using the very best in dye-sublimation printers, your booth can be set up to produce photographs in any size from 6×4″ through to a massive 12×8″ print. That’s virtually A4 in size!